We started keeping bees at Hen Corner in August 2011, although our journey to Plan Bee began long before then. In October 2012, at the end of our first full season, we were awarded First Prize for Best Honey in London and now run Bee Keeping courses here at Hen Corner.

‘The interactive nature of what were doing made the course all the more memorable and fascinating.’ Natalie B, Heart (Four Counties) Breakfast Show Host.

Listen here for interview by Natalie B

Christmas 2008 My husband, Andy, bought me both a book on Beekeeping and a place on a course at River Cottage .

May 2009 I joined the team at River Cottage HQ and held a frame of honey bees for the very first time.

June 2010 Andy and I did the British Bee Keeper Association Basic Assessment Training Course.

August 2011  Our first colony of bees arrive here at Hen Corner.

September 2012 We collected our first full honey harvest.

October 2012 We were awarded First Prize at the National Honey ShowBest Honey in London! See our blog post here

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Our new season of Bee Keeping Courses can be found here.


  1. i like bees

    • They’re great, aren’t they!

  2. “Polar Vortex” has temps down to -14 in Massachusetts, US, plus a wind chill over last weekend. I Put a thermometer in through upper opening and registered 27 degrees outside the cluster ball. But I hear buzzing. Don’t know how we will fare.

    • Hi Jill,

      Have you insulated your hives? Padding between the crown board and roof?

      27 degrees outside the cluster of bees should mean that it’s significantly warmer at the centre around the queen and any brood…

      Bees are amazing creatures, so resilient and self sufficient!

      Let’s hope they fare well… (and you at those temperatures ;-))

      All the best, Sara

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