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Come and visit Hen Corner and try the life for yourself!

Be it keeping chickens, making cider, growing your own food or artisan cooking skills we are enjoying life to the full and invite you to come and try your hand to it!

‘I was seriously impressed at her dedication and commitment, and passion for sustainable living, and am eager to go on one of her courses.’ Michele Jameson, Country Living Magazine

Courses coming up:

Family Feathers and Fun! (Chicken Keeping for Families)

Introduction to Bee Keeping

Urban Hens – Keeping Chickens in London

Book in here

Pick and Pickle (Introduction to preserving)

Stir Up Sunday (Make a Christmas Pudding)

Toast and Marmalade (Intro to baking and preserving)

Course Reviews:

‘Thank you so much for your warm welcome and your excellent course! It was very informative as you gave us all the details one needs to know before starting off with chickens.It was really great that you let us handle your pretty hens and answered all our questions so thoroughly! Would highly recommend this enjoyable course to any chicken-keeping enthusiast!’

‘A great evening – it was fun, practical & informative… We were offered the most delicious egg mayo on home-baked rolls & Pimms, with buttercream fairy cakes to finish… I had already got my Eglu in place at home, but not the Chickens, so I was quite tempted by some of her lovely pure breed chooks! It was hosted in the early evening which suited my friend & I very well, as free Saturday’s can get a bit precious. Many thanks again.’

For more Course Reviews, please see here.



  1. I have just seen your hen keeping course on Omlet and notice that you have an egg storage (?) would you be kind enough to let me know where you purchased it so that I too may be able to buy one.

    We have 6 assorted hens and are now attending bee keeping courses – so much fun.

    Thank you. Best wishes Jane

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for visiting Hen Corner!

      We bought the Egg Skelter from the Omlet Shop, it’s great as you can use the eggs in order of freshness!

      Enjoy your chickens…. we are just looking into bees as well!


  2. Thanks for the fun this evening. Koah and I had a great time. It was really interesting meeting the diverse group of participants and being able to share with them the rich wealth of information you both supplied. Lovely grub too!

    After tonight I really feel prepared to take this chicken thing on board. Under your auspices I’ve been able to move it from a dream into a reality.

    You really are very nice people.


  3. Hi Sara,
    Is September 25th the last Urban Chicken Keeping course you are running this year? I promised my friend I’d book us on it for her birthday but now I can’t do that date … and we really want to do it!

    Many thanks,


    • Thanks for getting in touch. It gets too late for evening courses after September, but we run family courses on Saturday afternoons, see any problems, let me know, hope to see you soon…

      • Thanks Sara … we’ve decided to leave it until you resume next year … which we’re hoping will be the spring? Don’t suppose you sell gift vouchers do you?

      • Thanks Lynne,
        Yes we do sell gift vouchers, complete with gift cards!
        I’ve just emailed you…


  4. Hi Sara,
    I had put tomorrow, Saturday 5th April in my diary as “Family Feathers and Fun! (Chicken Keeping for Families)” but I can no longer see this date on your website. Is it no longer on?
    I can’t find a phone number to contact you. How can I get in touch with you?

  5. Thanks Sara. We won’t be able to make it on the 3rd May. Can you send me your email address and/or phone number to discuss potential other date (for a small group of a couple of families)? Thanks.

    • Thanks Lucile,

      So sorry that you can’t make 3rd May.

      Please do email me at and we’ll look at new dates.

      Hope to see you soon,


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